What is Remind'em?

Sure, for anything you wish to remember, you can simply open your phone and set up a reminder for it. But wait? How often do you do that? Specially, when it is someone else who should care about reminding you!

Presenting Remind’em! – An application that gives you the power to set up a reminder in your friends’ phones with a single tap! No more worrying about calling people to remind them. And let others care when they have to remind you.

Remind'em supports time based reminders and location based reminders. And not just this, We have subscriptions for you. Subscribe to your favorite topics & utilities and you receive updates of all the buzz that goes on. Right now, We have the Cricket World Cup and the class and exam schedule of IIT Guwahati. We are still building our repository for subscription utilities. Ping us with your ideas and requirements and we will get them on board as soon as possible.

About us

The Geek Salad Pvt Ltd. is a Hyderabad based startup co-founded by young diversifed pool of designers and engineers. Jatin Bajaj, Vivek Bhargav and The Super-Man.

Jatin Bajaj
is a final year design student at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. He has worked in diversified domains as a designer.

Vivek Bhargav
is a final year Computer science student at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. As a developer Vivek holds great experience in development, android development being one of his areas of expertise.

Well, we all know he is good at everything.


Provided you have an adequate internet data plan for your smartphone and a Remind'em installed, it is free to send and receive reminders over Remind'em.

Remind'em app uses your phone's internet connection to send and receive reminder. As long as your phone is not roaming and you have not exceeded your data limit, sending reminders over Remind'em should not cost you extra.

If you are concerned about data usage, we recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection, if possible.

We ask for your phone number because that is how Remind'em sends and receives reminders between you and your contacts, similar to how the SMS system would.

Your address book data is private to you. No one else using Remind'em has access to your address book data, unless you share the data. We value your privacy and we have not, do not, and will not ever sell your personal information to anyone. If you would like to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please take a look at our Privacy Notice.

Remind'em does not store any of your information on anyone else's systems. Remind'em looks at the phone numbers in your address book, then checks to see which of those numbers are registered with Remind'em. This allows any Remind'em users from your address book to appear as contacts in your Favorites. During this entire process, only the phone numbers are sent to Remind'em for lookup, securely, over an encrypted connection. No other information, such as names, emails, and addresses are sent. So that you know to whom you are sending and receiving reminders, the app then displays the names from your address book.

Your friend's phone number must be in your phone's address book in order for you to start a chat with them in Remind'em.

If you cannot see your friend in Remind'em, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your friend has Remind'em installed on their phone.

  2. Double check that your friend's phone number is entered correctly in your phone's address book.

  3. Open Remind'em and refresh the Favorites screen.

Contacts in your phone address book that have Remind'em will be displayed in the Favorites screen (Select contact screen for Android). In Remind'em, you can only send reminders to these contacts.

If you still do not see your friend in your Remind'em list, it is possible that your friend does not have Remind'em. It's easy to invite your friends to Remind'em so that you can all enjoy the application together.

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